Pagan Myths

You’ve reached the crossroad of the zodiac. 
North you’ll find spring, summer rains, colonial truths without vitality.
To the east, Catalonia beckons, riddled wonders carved into the half-corroded hillside.
Southern man, knowing what he knows and showing how he goes, falters through without cause but justified by his own masquerading thoughts.
Western philosophies, originality. of which here you’ll find none. 
Nothing but recycled mythology, claimed as Genesis through ignorant bliss.


Ambiguously Biblical

So too came the momentary lapse of clairvoyance
Masqueraded by thoughts
Of a long forgotten rein
Just a muse through the winter months
Made immortal believe it true
Thoughts of you came ringing out
Constrained to fortunes folly
A hollow, haloed, Secunda mist
Orbited by dusks moon
Sleepless dreams followed.