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Is It Your Own?

When you start to feel it

Taken over by those beyond

Who say it’ll all be fine

And before you know it

You’ll be back home

Familiar, yet dissimilar

Lost track of what’s known

Signs point away

They’re all here to stay

Without reason to go

7 thoughts on “Is It Your Own?

  1. With only these few words I was able to conjure a picture of what you were attempting to convey to us readers. It’s simply beautiful!

  2. Finding a home, one of the world’s most treasured gifts: the ability to feel like one belongs. Some choose to stay, some choose to go, some walk circles around what is possible and improbable. Home is best when there’s a reason to leave it; however, there should always be a reason to return. That is what makes it unique.

    Great poem.

    Best regards,


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