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Human Beings Considered Collectively (short draft – intro)

I seldom had these paradoxical thoughts come to me, though when they did it was usually manifested by my own hypochondriacal way of seeing the world.
This day started much like any other, the same grinding migraine burning through my membrane.
To paint you a picture of what they felt like, can you imagine for a moment, a wax candle and how after a certain period of time the flame has heated the base to a high enough degree that it’ll cause the candle to break apart from its core?
Admittedly, this analogy is nonsensical as I’m comparing my cerebral cortex to an inanimate object, but descriptive writing has never been a strong point of mine and the Sun has only given birth to the day for approximately 27 minutes now, and I’ve seemed to of wasted this time by providing you with an inapt, unnecessary description of how my mind operates at this early hour of the morning.

Anyway, I feel like I have to clarify my earlier musing, I find the concept of paradoxes fascinating, with it being purely a logical exploration of what we as human beings know to be true.
How a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement can be found to be correct when delving deeper into the bottomless caverns of exploratory findings, we call this neuroscience.

Neuroscience, the research of the human brain. How paradoxical it seems that it is in fact the mind researching itself.

This isn’t usually the thought process one would have at 5am, but so it seems, I have been gifted with a mind that is often at its most intuitive in the transition phase between semi-consciousness and enlightenment.

11 thoughts on “Human Beings Considered Collectively (short draft – intro)

  1. “the mind researching itself.” seems to describe the plot of this entire life experience. some fancy us characters in the story – but your post resonates with me because I consider us more neurons in a greater body, communicating with one another over digital synapses, becoming more collectively conscious as the greater mind learns more about itself through our individual musings – perhaps. great post.

  2. ” the mind researching itself ” … Thought provoking for me as my daughter has her degree in neuroscience and I had a difficult time explaining what exactly that means ….so Thankyou for enlightening …blessings xxx

  3. Sounds like the beginning of an amazing story. The mind is an awesome tool when we learn how to operate it as it was meant to be used. The problem most people have is that they refuse to allow themselves to expand their thoughts beyond their immediate environment. Therefore they are unable to use their spiritual mind to see the vibrations that are pinging deep in their souls wanting to be free and travel throughout the universe and discover new horizons. Keep up the good work. Please click on this link and receive my Thank You Message…

  4. Thank you for popping by and following my blog. I like your writing, the way you paint the picture. I enjoy the alliteration. Interesting comment about Neuroscience, meditation is also the mind researching itself. Kind regards Cheryle

  5. YES to the mind reflecting on itself….I’ve been really fascinated with neuroscience, both the new research methods of detecting what parts of the brain are operating under different circumstances, but also the neuropsychological experiences the mind is capable of to research itself. Go for it!

  6. Thanks for the post – we create some of our own paradoxes because humans are so invested in classifying. “Is a virus alive?” depends more on how we define words than on life or viruses. I hope you’ll enjoy much pre-dawn musing without the migraine.

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